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“We are but a tiny insignificant speck of dust in the entire universe.  When we use our insignificance all together,  we create something big and wonderful.  We create something beautiful and grand… we create humanity.”

People by nature do not really, believe in what we can do.  We  look for something to affirm us.  What if we close our eyes and  walk  blindly?  What would we do?  What would happen to us?  Isn’t it that we would grope in the darkness we see and  listen to the world and  feel the world around us?  In  short, we  learn to trust our instincts.  Are we trusting our instincts now?  Or  we  let others lead us blindly?

Do not say that you have no power.  The power to do something has been there since you were born.  We  were  born not to suffer but to  change the world.  Yes, we are born because it  was predestinedThe universe planned it all. 

We are all born  as a person with a mission.   Each and every person has a role to play in our society.  It only matters if you play it well.  Even the smallest role, has a story to tell.  Has something big to give.  Unfortunately, we are just busy watching the fireworks in the sky. We are too busy watching other people in their own glory.

We are also spectacular in our own way.  We have fireworks with in us.  How would we  ignite it?   Who knows? Only  we have the answer.   We are the only ones who would know it  when the time is right. 

Most of us are conformists.  Few are leaders.  But what makes a leader tick? What makes his fire spark?  They spark  because we make them spark. We as people…as humanity make them glow. We are the air.  We are the heat that keeps them aglow.  We are the embers sleeping  waiting to be blown to create heat and light.  We create our own fire.

We all matter in our own way.  We have roles to play.  We are like a car with   lots of parts.  It is up to us if we want to  move fast or slow. All we need is a driver to  bring us somewhere… but what is a driver without a car?  He is worthless…

We  all matter and we have  a great role to play.  What are your views? Do you  say what you feel? Or just keep quiet?  What will happen when you keep your silence?  Nothing.  People will just think that everything is going well  even if there are so many sufferings and decay  in the society and around us.  Our lives become fulfilling when we  play our roles well.  Life … yes.. becomes complicated  when few people play their roles all too well to the point that they forget other people supporting them.  That is why we are here to support and bring them up.  Our bit role in their limelight gives them their glory.   

By nature we  seek what is better for us. So why are people holding us back?  Don’t they know that we are intelligent beings that we just let them be?  Why do you think they hide behind all those artificial power behind fortresses and people?   Because they fear something.  They fear that  people would take their power away.  Why would people fear for their security  when we are not harming anyone?  And this  feeling is  brought out from  a person in magnitude to the community  to the country.  How sad that  people do not get along because  of those reasons.

We are all but an insignificant speck of dust in the universe…but when we are thrown in the eyes of  the people up there,  they are thrown off their pedestals.  We as people might be insignificant to most people in power.  This is what everyone thinks.  We hold the power… the power to bring them up or tear them down.  So many people have been  thrown down from where they are because the power is with the  people.

We matter most of all even when we think we are merely   a tiny insignificant speck of dust but we really matter because we hold a great role… we are the entire humanity.

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