Heart of Healing by Sarah McCrum


Heart of Healing ProgramHeal yourself 24 hours a day.

If you are seeking   clarity, direction and healing, Heart of Healing  is  the perfect program for you.  I have worked with Sarah McCrum and she has helped me immensely.  So many people have been  helped by her program and their lives have changed.  Pay  her a visit   and  start healing today.

Click here to experience Sarah’s Heart of Healing.


Living a Life of Purpose 10-day course by Sue Fitzmaurice

Living a Life of Purpose 10-day course by Sue FitzmauriceThis online course provides opportunities for self-discovery and the growth of your dreams.

Understanding Vision & Purpose – obstacles to identifying and enabling your Purpose – Making a Difference – identifying your strengths – money & your attitude to it – finding your Source and turning it on – courage & change – contradictions & dichotomies – Living a Life of Purpose – keeping the journey going…

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Getting Present with Money by  Kathryn Yarborough

Heal Your Money IssuesHeal your relationship with  money!   Relax about money, be open to abundance and thrive financially.

With the Getting Present with Money Program you will go from struggle to ease with money.

You can choose among 3 program options:  Basic, Full   and Entrepreneurs Programs.

Click here to  join Kathryn’s Getting Present with Money Program and start healing your issues with money.











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