Français : Point-Sublime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hi I’m Josefina!  Welcome to  Women Sublime… Living, Learning and Loving Life !  I started this as a concept of how we can help ourselves and change for the better.  I realized that  even  when  help starts flowing  from outside, still we can’t do anything for ourselves because the only power of healing is with in us.

The world is not perfect as we know it.  So many crimes, poverty, over use of power and corruption  of values everywhere.  But we can only change them  if we tell each one to learn and  change their  mind-setting.  We live each day  and go through life but have we learned something?   We have to  see  that the world is beautiful and there is always hope… the silver lining… the light at the end of the  very dark tunnel where we are at right now.  We hold the power.. . power to change the world…  change ourselves first. 

How would we change?  What power  am I talking about?  I am talking about the power of learning.  A person  has so much power in himself that the only key to use it  is to unleash it.  We can do this   through  developing  ourselves.

So what is  goal of  Women Sublime then?  When we look  up  the meaning of sublime , this means it is something majestic,  noble, it is of  high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.  Another  source say it’s something supreme and  not to be excelled.  And yet another one says  inspiring  and impressive.

How can these meanings bring about this page? Isn’t it I mentioned about self- healing?  Healing starts with acceptance  of life experiences.    This page would  talk  and share  about things of   value.  Anything valuable to any one  is sublime to a certain degree.  Anything that holds near and dear to  one’s heart is sublime.  We are going to share  anything  about  living, learning and loving.  And together, we would help ourselves and  improve for the  better.

Thank you  for reading this and choosing to be a part of Women Sublime.

Love, peace and blessings!

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